Sacrilege Sacrilege Sacrilege You Say
Some Guys Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic
i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi.
I heard that you like the bad girls.
Honey, is that true?
where villains spend the weekend

Rating: Teen (mentions of sex)
Prompter: amayakumiko
Prompt: Lucifer is a singer who sings with the house band at the bar Sam works at. He really shouldn’t be there, he’s way too good for their shitty little establishment. But there he is, singing his heart out every Wednesday-Saturday.
Author’s Note: The title is from Panic! At the Disco’s “Vegas Lights”, hope you like it!! (Thank you to Anne for looking it over at 1AM!)
Word Count: 1,945


Sam/Lucifer Big Bang: Snippet

Summary: Sam and Dean are hunting the yellow-eyed demon when they come across an abandoned resort town. They soon find though that it is not abandoned and that they both may have bitten off more than they can chew. Spirited Away AU. Sam and Dean as Chihiro, Cas as Haku, and Lucifer as No-Face.

They walk across the bridge to get a better look at the building, stopping halfway.

The structure is massive and Sam can’t even see the top of it, the building pushing up through the low lying clouds. Even if they weren’t low Sam has a feeling the building would still be reaching above them. Despite being massive it, like the rest of the town, is deserted. There’s no light on behind any of the windows and it’s silent. All that alludes to someone, or something, being here is the illuminated letters along the overhang’s side.

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Archangel Ruined

Author: msbrokenbrightside
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Sam/Lucifer
Warning(s): Sex toys, voyeurism, hysterical literature, Lucifer being a goddamn tease, 
Summary: Lucifer reads Paradise Lost to Sam.
Author’s Notes: For apunkassholyroller, for the fysl holiday exchange. Prompt: Hysterical Literature, either with Milton’s “Paradise Lost” or Dante’s “The Divine Comedy.” Super big thank you to my baby for all her encouragement and help!And to Lizifer for putting up with my lateness.Hope you like it! (If you don’t though, I recommend this fic by fuckyeahlucifersupernatural.)
Word Count:  2,103

What Here's Mine
The Sky's Gonna Break

Summary: “So you’re the serpent here to tempt me?” 
Warning(s): Season 5
Author’s Notes: Originally written in January 2012 for a fysl exchange. Prompts were storms and apples. I looked through it again and rewrote some bits and decided I’d post it on ao3. Thank you to Anne (le-bontombe) for beta-ing! (Title from “Letters From the Sky” by Civil Twilight) 
Word Count: 815

your songs remind me of swimming

Summary: “If I gave you the world would you use the sky to teach me to fly again?”
Warning(s): angst, canon divergence of season 5,
Author’s Note(s): I’m so sorry that this pinchhitter took so long. For hobovampire, prompt was, in essence, learning to fly again after being broken. Or at least I hope that’s what you wanted dgajksl Also a million thanks to Anne for beta-ing and being ridiculously helpful with this fic ohmygod. Recommended Listening: Swimming – Florence and The Machine
Word Count: 3,481

FYSL Exchange Piece: for defilerwyrm | prompt: prayer

Sam Winchester prayed. He prayed a lot more than your average boy and he prayed about much bigger things. For his dad to stop moving them around, for Dean not to bleed out, for his acceptance letters not to be found. When he started, Sam didn’t even know if he had been baptized. If his prayers would go unheard because he was just a lost soul.

But they were heard.

“Angel of God, my guardian dear,” Sam’s voice would say quietly, in the motel room’s darkness. Loudly, in the cage’s darkness.

Sam was unsure if he had one of his own. A guardian angel, “to whom God’s love commits me here.” He wanted to hold on desperately to the idea that he wasn’t damned. “Ever this day be at my side.” Though with the powers, with demon blood, with the truth, the notion faded.

But the angel, Sam’s angel, was released. The earth shook. Heaven prepared for war. “To light, to guard, to rule and guide.”

Sam Winchester had a guardian angel and he would answer Sam’s prayer. He would protect him, he would show him to light. The brightest star.

He would lead Sam to his greatness.