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Some Guys Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic
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I heard that you like the bad girls.
Honey, is that true?

URSULA: a retelling of The Little Mermaid (insp by Maleficent and tania’s tweets) ➸ For Tania!

Ursula was once a member of King Triton’s court and a trusted advisor before she was banished. Years passed and now dark waters are brewing under the sea. With her kingdom in danger Ariel, the youngest of King Triton’s daughters, seeks out the sea witch to ask for her help.

Viola Davis as Ursula
Isla Fisher as Ariel
(photos: x x x x)

This far these beyond
Compare of mortal prowess yet observed
Their dread commander. He above the rest
In shape and gesture proudly eminent
Stood like a tower. His form had yet not lost 
All her original brightness nor appeared 
Less than archangel ruined and th’ excess 
Of glory obscured, — Paradise Lost, John Milton (x)

i don’t know why i’ve never uploaded these before. anyway please enjoy raphael in a flower crown (◡‿◡✿)

here’s some smaller ones for responses or whatever