Sacrilege Sacrilege Sacrilege You Say
Some Guys Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic
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I heard that you like the bad girls.
Honey, is that true?


What gets me is that Mercury singled out what Pyrrha’s semblance was so quickly, exactly as Pyrrha described it several episodes prior.  There wasn’t any conjecture or anything, no “she shoved my attack away, it could be any number of means of deflection or misdirection.”  No.  One guess, spot-on, down to the wording.

Pity they didn’t show up a day earlier, else they could have learned about her super-secret semblance by watching through one of several giant windows as she hurled a metric ton of soda cans across the cafeteria through sheer force of will.


one of the biggest missed opportunities in naruto: diverse cultures

we have deserts, icy lands, woods, mountains, plains, different temperate zones, even a few black characters but they all wear the same fugly ninja clothes, speak the same language, use the same writing system and eat the same food.

yes i understand, japanese ninja, comfortable clothes yadda yadda but try to stop for a minute and imagine what we could’ve had

(and yes, they don’t look like siblings at all but couldn’t care less atm)

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If I don’t fight, then I can’t win.

SnK Gifs Per Episode: 1.07 Small Blade -The Struggle for Trost, Part 3-

ahhhh sorry for the crappy webcam shot, my camera is at home until my parent’s come up. anyway! got tagged by tania (octopifer)!

Handwriting Meme

1. Handwrite your name. 
2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL. 
3. What is your blog title? 
4. Your favourite colour? 
5. Who is the person you have a crush on? (If not then write the name of your pet).
6. Write something in ALL CAPS!
7. Who are your favourite bands/singers? 
8. Lucky number? 
9. What’s your favourite drink?  oops I forgot this one gomen my answer is boring tho it’s water.
10. Tag some followers:

i probably shouldn’t have used a sharpie, my handwriting automatically becomes better whenever i use them. oh well, c’est la vie.

if you’ve already done this/just don’t want to do it than please ignore this but ahhhhhh

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